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Service Availability Goebel MMD GmbH Holiday Season 2021/2022 


Service availability between December 24th 2021 – January 7th 2022:

Office hours Monday – Thursday:    8.00am -12.00pm        12.45 – 16.00pm

Office hours Friday:                             8.00am -12.00pm        12.45 – 15.30pm


Our office is closed on following days:

Friday, December 24th 2021             Christmas Eve

Friday, December 31st 2021             New Years Eve

Thursday, January 6th 2021              Bank holiday



Full emergency service available during closed days, weekends and holidays for our customers with a valid 24/7h Remote Line Plus via the known phone number.

In case of urgency or emergency please always use our service Email contacts instead of personal Emails. Detailed description of parts, part numbers, SW versions and problem help to minimize downtime.

Spare parts / retrofits:

Support office hours:

Phone contact: +49 7622 398 0


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