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High security printing and efficient packaging solutions characterize the main market segments of the Goebel-Group: Goebel Capital, based in Switzerland, forms the strategic and financial headquarter, which is responsible for marketing and sales; Goebel Darmstadt, the think tank for research and development, and finally Goebel MMD Maulburg, the former printing press department of Muller Martini,  which focuses on service and customer support.

The partnership of several well-known companies from the printing industry is a key strategic element of the Goebel-Group.

In the new Goebel competence center in Eschenbach - Switzerland - we will demonstrate our expertise and relationships for the benefit of our customers. Here we assemble all of our machines for factory acceptance (FAT) before delivery to our clients.

For many decades, Goebel has been developing, manufacturing and supplying printing machines for the production of banknotes, revenue labels, postage stamps and various other types of security documents - although the representative context for security printing of non-banknote applications must be added, where the Goebel-Group holds a market-leading position. The increasing importance of this sector can be traced back to the increasing demand for security products, whereby the web printing technologies from Goebel offer significant advantages compared to sheet printing due to their efficiency and productivity. Goebel's web-controlled innovations have set milestones in the printing industry.

Goebel offers the most efficient and productive range of products for banknote printing in a wide variety of countries around the world. Although that production was dominated by the so-called sheet production, the current market trend of increasing market presence of polymer banknotes will play an essential role.
With the help of high process efficiency, minimal costs per banknote and the best possible Return on Investment (ROI) in banknote printing, Goebel presents the decisive advantages of the web-based production solution.

In the packaging industry, Goebel is using VSOP technology (Variable Sleeve Offset Printing) because of its unparalleled superiority in terms of sustainability, cost advantages, short lead times and the best print quality. As a result, Goebel's VSOP technology will replace traditional gravure and flexographic printing technology in the medium term.


Goebel Capital GmbH
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Print Competence Center
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6274 Eschenbach

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