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From the development of the design through the production process to the implementation - the challenges and concerns of our customers are central and our business processes are aligned accordingly. We professionally deliver permanent and sustainable customer success!


Goebel Service

"We are available to our customers."

Customer service is a fundamental pillar of Goebel's identity and reputation. We make your interests our mission!

Ever since Goebel was founded, the needs of our customers have played an essential role. By providing competent support based on the latest technology and professional services, we focus on your vision and help to implement it efficiently and professionally.

Goebel offers services and spare parts for all Goebel and Muller Martini printing presses, such as Optiforma, Ecoprint, Novaprint, VSOP, Concept, Concepta, Alprinta and many more.


The Goebel Group offers

  • Customer service
  • Spare parts supply
  • Maintenance support
  • One-sided training
  • Technical analysis
  • Production support
  • Prepress
  • Upgrades and extensions
  • Retrofits
  • Service visits and preventive maintenance
  • Variable offset sleeves
  • And more


Goebel MMD GmbH

In case of urgency or emergency please always, use our service eMail contacts instead of personal eMails. Detailed description of parts, part numbers, SW versionsand problem help to minimize downtime.


Spare parts/ retrofits:

Support office hours:

Phone contact:  +49 7622 398 0


Service availability opening hours:

Office hours Monday – Thursday:    8.00am -12.00pm        12.45 – 16.00pm

Office hours Friday:                             8.00am -12.00pm        12.45 – 15.30pm


Service manager: Wolfgang Wagner


Phone contact: +49 7622 398 202


Goebel MMD GmbH 

Feldbergstrasse 20
79689 Maulburg


Goebel Capital GmbH
Schochenmühlestrasse 4
6340 Baar

Print Competence Center
Rothenburgstrasse 34 b
6274 Eschenbach

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Contact us on:

+41 (0) 41 700 90 18

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